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Center of Advanced Hernia 3 D Surgery

We are: A dedicated specialty center for Hernia repairs and general surgery.We do high standard,non-recurring,cost effective hernia surgeries.We advice on various techniques of hernia repair.Our present hernia repair is a small incision,rapidly recovering,almost stitch less Surgery. We do other general surgeries also. Our general surgery is also preceded by superlative efficiency.

Hernia treatment in Pune

Stitchless,painless,bloodless and unique multi modality treatments and surgery in Pune

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3D Hernia Stitchless Surgery

Painless,Bloodless Quick Surgery

Open Gold standard 3Dimension mesh implant is very novel and effective solution to pain after hernia surgery as well as it reduces the recovery time. Patient does not feel the presence of the mesh inside and due to spring action the mesh is flexible and it moves with body.
As this is a 3 D surgery, it involves painless recovery and fast recovery to job or work. Beneficial for active lifestyle.
OPEN GOLD STANDARD 3 DIMENSION MESH IMPLANT HERNIA REPAIR- A 3 D mesh is implanted into the defect of hernia through a small incision taken at the groin area approximately 4 cms. this is quick surgery and recovery is quick.Patient has to stay 12-24 hours in hospital. Economical and highly effective in preventing recurrence. Recommended for young and working persons.

Surgeon Dr.Sachin Kuber MS

Performing Hernia Surgery Since 2004

Dr.Sachin Kuber MS is graduated from premiere institutes in Pune and worked as Registrar at many hospitals in Pune. He has written hundreds of articles on Hernia surgery in various publications. He was invited on National SAAM television for his expertise of Hernia surgery recently.He has travelled to many countries for Hernia surgery conferences.He is expert in Hernia surgery with latest techniques.
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Excellence Hernia Center

Unique State-of-the-art Theatres

Here at Herniaclinik, we are devoted to deliver world-class services to our patients.Since last 10 years due to our friendly rapport with the patients we are evolved as the choice of center for the hernia and other patients.It is our sincere duty towards all humans to provide the reliable treatments and surgery to the patients.

We have the best ,hygienic,clean operation theatres with best hospital facilities.We are connected with many premier hospitals in Pune city.
Polite and economical medical service is offered to patients with best possible solutions to all kinds of hernias.

Dr.Sachin Kuber

Circumcision surgery expert in Pune city,India

Founded in 2004 Herniaclinik was started with an aim to provide Hernia patients a ray of hope to give a relaible and latest Hernia surgery options.,
Director Dr.Sachin Kuber MS started this service to Hernia patients both Indian and International level. Since inception Dr.Sachin Kuber has treated thousands of Hernia patients with latest 2D/3D ,Laparoscopic surgery options. Anatomical without mesh option is also available with superior results. Excellence is Crucial here..


We treat following types of Hernia variants

Hernias are abnormal protrusions of a viscus (or part of it) through a normal or abnormal opening in a cavity . They are most commonly seen in the groin; a minority are paraumbilical or incisional. In the groin, inguinal hernias are more common than femoral hernias.

  1. Inguinal hernia in adult male
  2. Inguinal Hernia in adult female
  3. Inguinal hernia in kids
  4. Inguinal hernia in pregnant lady
  5. Umbilical Hernia in adults
  6. Umbilical hernia in kids
  7. Umbilical hernia in pregnant lady
  8. Incisional hernia on abdomen
  9. Incisional hernia on Lumbar area
  10. Ventral Hernia
  1. Femoral hernia
  2. Epigastric Hernia
  3. Hiatus Hernia
  4. Internal hernia
  5. Supra umbilical Hernia
  6. Infra umbilical hernia
  7. Hypogastric Hernia
  8. Lumbar hernia
  9. Inguinoscrotal hernia
  10. Hernia in kids
  1. Congenital hernia
  2. Acquired Hernia
  3. Strangulated Hernia
  4. Obstructed Hernia
  5. Gangrenous Hernia
  6. Incarcerated Hernia
  7. Reducible hernia
  8. Irreducible hernia
  9. Tender hernia
  10. Spigelian Hernia